Wedding Photos: Wedding Party!

Today is August 6th! One year ago, my man proposed to me. Can you tell that I am so happy about this?

I was journaling this morning about all the things that have happened in the past year. My horrible sickness followed by my hardest semester of school, Theo’s graduation, a wedding, honeymoon, new jobs and what feels like an entirely new life!

I had not clue any of that was coming! But God did. He knew all along…those hard time, they would bring Theo and I closer. Those good times…they would also bring Theo and I closer. My heart is so full of praise to the Lord today, for all that He has done. And we certainly don’t deserve ANY of them.

I wanted to share some more wedding photos today!

I am SO glad that we decided to take our pictures before the ceremony. I know that it would seem to take away from that walk down the aisle, but we found the moment to be just as wonderful. Taking the pictures beforehand gave us plenty of time to just relax. We weren’t rushed, and that made the pictures SO FUN. We were also able to grab a couple of shots (like the one with the sign) that were not originally planned, but since we had plenty of time…why not?

I just kept looking at all the girls, saying “You look so beautiful!” I really couldn’t get over how they looked…how the dresses turned out, how their hair all looked, how absolutely BEAUTIFUL each girl was. I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons brides always look beautiful is because they are surrounded by so many beautiful people in one place! I also couldn’t get over how the guys looked…so sharp, even though everything about it was so simple. I couldn’t take my eyes of my groom, either…..


It’s been a pretty crazy summer for us wedding wise… at the time of our wedding, none of the groomsmen were married. Now, three of them are!



I think this picture is one of my favorites from the whole day. We all got some air… except Daniel. Yep, that would be my brother doing a handstand. Typical. And that is why I LOVE this picture.



Also a favorite…framed? yep!




One thought on “Wedding Photos: Wedding Party!

  1. Beth says:

    I’m kind of fond of jumping pictures and totally impressed with how much air you got in a wedding dress! 🙂 Plus it’s hilarious that your brother did a handstand instead. Too funny!

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