Wedding Portraits: Men

Sooooo….I already wrote this post. And was positive that I had posted it. But then I realized that Moose had walked across my computer (AGAIN!) and deleted it!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, I was not happy.

On another note…I still have not finished that apron that I have been meaning to sew for so long. Why? Well, this time I have a REALLY good excuse…the needle on my sewing machine broke. Just snapped in half. And made this awful grinding sound. Soooo…I need to get a new sewing machine needle before I can finish the apron!

Anyways, here are some of the picture of the men that were in our wedding.

So many aspects of our wedding were as simple as possible. I wanted the wedding to be more casual and laid back. We talked about Theo wearing a tux, but threw that idea out the window immediately. Too formal. Instead, we had Theo wear a suit and the guys simply wear dress pants and a button-up shirt, black socks and shoes. We found both the blue and yellow ties at Penny’s (and they matched the girls perfectly!). My aunt made the pocket squares…and voila! The men had a wardrobe that most of them simply pulled out of the closest. And I loved the look, and simplicity of it!


This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the guys…


Handsome groom…



Theo and his best man, Josh.


Theo and a childhood friend, John (Vinny!)



Theo and his brother, Isaiah.


Theo and another childhood friend, Josh.


Theo and his RA, Collin. Collin just got married this past weekend!


Theo and my brother, Daniel.


Me and the boys…


This picture makes this pose look relaxed and uneventful…but let me tell you…it was not. Theo was hidden behind, holding me up by the butt (with lots of manly giggles from all the boys about how he was touching my butt!), Daniel volunteered to be another holder of me, and poor Collin got stuck there because he matched in height with Daniel. I absolutely love the smiles on everyone’s faces, though!


Coming up next…pictures of Theo and I. And then, we will get into my favorite part…the ceremony. But this will be the last post for this week because Theo and I are heading up to northern Michigan for a family reunion!


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