We just spent five days with Theo’s family!

The easiest way to tell you about it is by showing you the pictures!

Theo’s parents have a cabin “up north” in Michigan. The family has grown so big, however, that we need several cabins to house us all! Theo and I “camped” out in the woods in an RV/Trailer. We basically only slept out there..and boy was it dark! It was fun, though, to have our own little place! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of our weekend home!

Another important detail of the weekend was the weather…it rained the entire time. There were some breaks in the rain, but the sun didn’t come out until later on Sunday….after most of the family had already left… We still went out on the lake tubing, sailing, jet skiing, boating…but it sure was chilly!

No, this is not an announcement. This is a picture of the stages of pregnancy. Not pregnant (me), 7 weeks (Eryn), 7 months (Kindrea), 8 months (Anne).


ImageLike I said…it was cold and rainy! Here we are all bundled up in a blanket!

The whole immediate family….

ImageTheo and I…


We spent a lot of time around this warm fire…

ImageWatermelon speed spitting contest champs. They one $1 each. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Ok, so I give up on putting captions right next to the pictures! It was getting so frustrating! Theo and I finally braved the cold weather to go out on the lake…but only in wetsuits! This was my first time tubing. It was fun, but knocked me around so much that I had enough after a while.

The last picture is of Theo and his sweet niece, Emma. She was very stressed by all the people that were everywhere and very attached to Mom. As they were heading out the door, she finally let Theo hold her! He was thrilled!

Getting used to being in a new family takes more of an adjustment that I ever realized. There are so many dynamics of this family, and so many dynamics of my family, I am quickly learning first hand that no family is ever going to be the same. For example, Theo’s family loves the deep, analytical discussions, conversations and debates. When my family gets together we don’t often discuss deep issues that the world needs to resolve. Is either one bad? No, but I just need to to adjust to how different families do different things…

And that is all for now!

This is my last week of work and then back to school on Monday, the 20th. Am I ready? Nope. Will I be? You betcha.

Family Reunion


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