Ceremony: Part II

After I was given away, the officiant talked to us for a while about the importance of marriage and what it means in a Christian context. Image

It was so nice having an officiant that we knew. Theo did not know Mark as well as I did, but Mark and his wife had spent a lot of time doing our premarital counseling.

After Mark made his comments to the bride and groom, Theo and I did communion while my sister in law and cousin played a song.



Kelly sang “Be Glorified” while Seth accompanied her on the guitar.

In my life, Lord,

be glorified,

be glorified.

In my life, Lord, be glorified today.

In this church, Lord,

be glorified,

be glorified.

In this church, Lord, be glorified today.

In this marriage, Lord,

be glorified,

be glorified.

In this marriage, Lord, be glorified today.


After the special music and communion, Theo and I exchanged our vows. I already posted about those on an earlier blog post, so go back a couple of posts to find what our vows were!


We also had the congregation stand and read a vow to us. The reason for this was because everyone had assembled there to witness the uniting of two people. Marriage is not just a covenant that can be forsaken when feelings fade away, and we know that we cannot get through a long and loving marriage without prayer, support and accountability. It was so nice to see so many people stand up and vow that they would not only remember this day as a beautiful wedding, but that they would do whatever they could to help us become a beautiful marriage.

After the vows, we had my Grandpa stand and read Philippians 2:2-11. Instead of trying to mess with a candle outside, we decided to do unity sand instead. We also incorporated our backgrounds into the sand ceremony. Last year, when we were in Niger, we collected a jar of sand. That was my sand. Theo’s sand was from his backyard in Michigan. When we poured them together, it looked so cool!


After the sand, we had our exchange of rings.


At the very end, we incorporated a family prayer. While music played in the background, all of our immediate family came forward and surrounded us. Both of the Dads prayed aloud, and then each family just whispered prayers over our marriage until the song was over. It was beautiful, and the only part of the ceremony that I came so close to losing it.


Then came the kiss! In the program, it sounded like it was our first kiss ever…but it actually wasn’t. Our first kiss was on that day, though!!! =)


And there we are! Mr. and Mrs.!!!!!

My Uncle, Aunt and cousins all sang the recessional. My Dad played the piano. I have no idea where the song came from, but when I was growing up, my Dad would play this song that would just always make me want to dance. I have never been happier, so I decided a song with a little bit of a kick would be perfect for the recessional! My cousins had a long drive out to the wedding, so on the way they rewrote the words to the song:


Congratulations you’ve crossed the line
Married life is gonna be so fine

So say hello to Mr and Mrs Hines
Amen, amen

Suzie-Q and that Theo guy
She walked by and caught his eye
Now we are singing that marriage lullaby
Amen, Amen

Suzie-Q and Theophilus
Don’t hug her too hard or she’ll get squished
Together you two are marvelous
Amen, amen

In each other your future is stored
We know your hearts will be of one accord
Upon this meetin looks our happy Lord
Amen, amen

Theo’s love for Sue can only grow
You better watch out cause he’ll paint your toes
But why he does this only God can know
Amen, amen

As we go look to the groom and bride
Welcome them with arms open wide
Pray that they may in the Lord abide
Amen, amen

2 extras:

Suzie, Suzie, Suzie-Q
Oh Suzie we love you
And that Theo, he loves you too
Amen, amen

Theo, Theo Theophilus
You just had your first kiss
And now the honeymoon will be just bliss
Amen, amen


2 thoughts on “Ceremony: Part II

  1. Tam says:

    First off, I love that you are doing these posts in such detail. I was there and am loving this, but so many people couldn’t be that would have loved to and this is PERFECT.
    Second off, I love the lyrics to their song, I didn’t realise they wrote them specifically for you! Hilarious and so classicly “Devalve”.
    Love you!!!

  2. I agree with Tam. Even though I was there I am enjoying reliving the day with you! I think the song was great, especially with the “new” lyrics.

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