Receiving Line

I may begin an argument, here, but I think that every wedding should have a receiving line. Oh, I know…the bride and groom need to run off for pictures (which we didn’t have to worry about), and it can be very long and painful. Ours was far from painful, I loved seeing and MEETING the people that were at my wedding.

Immediately after the ceremony, Theo and I stood between the ceremony area and the reception area. Our parents also stood with us, this way they could be congratulated and also talk with those guests that they knew at the wedding.


Meanwhile, all the young men carried the chairs from the ceremony area to the reception area.


Why I loved having a receiving line:

1. I got to say hi to every person that came to my wedding.

2. It gave some time between ceremony and reception to move the chairs and get the guests situated. (this is only a plus if the pictures have already been taken)

3. I got to meet people and be introduced to them by Theo. I also got to introduce many people to Theo.

4. There are some very beautiful pictures of us talking to people/hugging people.

5. I loved seeing the fresh, teary eyes straight from the ceremony. It was such a blessing to see our joy reflected on the guests faces. It was also such a joy and encouragement to hear that our wedding glorified God. As I mentioned earlier, our wedding was not about the party afterwards (although that was a lot of fun!). Instead, our wedding was about our union. As we greeted the guests in the receiving line, we were encouraged that our union had ALREADY glorified the Lord.

I LOVED this part of our wedding.


One thought on “Receiving Line

  1. Jean DeValve says:

    What was wonderful to me about your wedding and Daniel’s was that it turned into a real family reunion. I saw all of my sons in the two weddings plus most of the grandchildlren. A great blessing to me. And it was also good meeting the families ot Theo and Kelly.

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