I guess my blogging came to a halt. And abrupt halt. During the summer I did such a good job updating about my weekly happenings, my weekly goals and also my wedding pictures!

Lately, I have had too much on my mind to even blog!

Starting with school…it is overwhelming to enter into my senior year. The teachers don’t play name games on the first day anymore. Instead its “hello please take out a pen and start taking notes.” This semester, I have five classes and instead of 16 weeks of classes, we only have 11. So the teachers cram 16 weeks worth of classes into those 11 weeks. Today I was supposed to have a presentation, a project, and two quizzes. It’s week two, here, folks. (Thankfully both of the quizzes were postponed and the project is due on Tuesday instead!!). Oh, and don’t think that I get 5 extra weeks of break. No, no, nooooo. Instead, I spend the last five weeks essentially working a full time teaching job. Obviously, I am not THE teacher, but I need to show up at school when the teacher shows up, leave school when the teacher leaves and plan lessons to teach on a daily basis. All this on top of doing homework. Overwhelming? Yes! Loving it? I have to admit that as I grow closer and closer to student teaching and graduation, I am falling more in love with this profession that I have chosen.

Moose has been full of antics these past few weeks as well. I feel like I could write an entire blog post on him. Like the time that I broke his leg. No, seriously…I am still positive that I had snapped his front leg in half, simply by tripping over him. He limped around for a long time, but his paw seems to be ok now! Life #1 down…8 more to go!
The day after I stole one of Moose’s lives, he climbed up on the counter and knocked off a bowl. Now that bowl didn’t break. No, it SHATTERED. Oh, and the bowl also had a glass 2 cup measure in it. That also shattered. The biggest piece was maybe 2 inches across. We weren’t home when it happened, so when I walked into the kitchen there was glass everywhere, and there was Moose…playing it in, batting around a large(ish) piece. Isn’t that something a toddler would do?

I have to admit…I’m not very good at this wife thing yet. Tell me, seasoned wives…do you ever feel like you are good at it? I always feel like there is at least one thing I am doing wrong, or one thing that I just didn’t do. Yesterday evening I had to remind myself, “Who cares?” Well, yes, obviously, Theo cares. But he assures me on a daily basis that I am an excellent wife and that I am doing an excellent job. He will tell me when I need to do something or change a behavior. So who does care if I didn’t get the dishes washed as long as I still have a happy husband? I give into the devils lies of what it means to be a good wife, and I think that is something I will be constantly working on.

Hopefully my next post will be a little more interesting, complete with pictures! And, yes, I do plan on finishing my series on our wedding pictures! We still have the entire reception left!!!




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