I really just want to complain right now. It was a rough afternoon, topped off with an evening alone at home with a stack of homework that seems to have no end.

But the Lord has been reminding me so much of how many reasons I have to be thankful. The main way that He has been reminding me of this is taking my memory back to where I was a year ago. Does anybody remember?

I was bedridden.

I was missing my Mom and Dad every time that I laid down in my bed.

I was crying and pleading and asking God ‘why?’

I was visiting doctor after doctor after doctor.

I was not hearing any results..I was hearing NOTHING.

I was missing more classes and meetings than I was attending.

I was one month into a three month long sickness (that was never diagnosed)

I was hopeless.


And look where the Lord has brought me today, a year later! To a place of health, of energy, of keeping up with my classes and my household! I am so, so thankful on this day!


One thought on “Grateful

  1. During times of discouragement it’s good to look back to the past to see how God has brought you through other discouraging times. The God who was faithful then is still faithful now.

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