Reception: Details.

We had our reception in a tent. This was probably the biggest thing that we ended up budgeting for…and still, it was not that pricey in comparison to renting a hall and paying for catered meals. The reception was very simple and was mostly just a great time to celebrate.



Gift/card table

We made chai as favors (more to come on that!), and this was the favor/guest book table.


For centerpieces, we just used fake flowers in vases with a little bit of yarn wrapped around it. We also used buttons on all the tables, to match our wedding invitations. It took a while to collect all those buttons! The disposable camera’s will also come in a different post, but we had them on each table as well.

My Aunt made these “kissing balls” and we hung them around the entrance to the tent. It was something very simple, but added such a nice touch.
The table in the background of this picture was the kids table. Since we knew we were going to have a lot of kids at the wedding, we printed out a bunch of wedding pictures (and some boy pictures) and had a table that they could color or play at. I didn’t really check up on it during the reception…so I don’t know if it was a hit or not!

These ended up being the only real sunflowers that we used the whole day! That is also a whole different blog post in itself. My maid of honor made the garland hanging in the background, and I now have them decorating my living room! =)

A good friend of Theo’s (well, she is my friend too…but only through Theo) made cupcakes for us. We decided to not have a cake, but we did have the small cake for us to cut. These cupcakes were SO GOOD. Theo and I actually didn’t get any at the wedding, but my Mom was thoughtful enough to save a bunch and stick them in the fridge for us. When we got home from our honeymoon, we had these delicious cupcakes in the fridge!!!!

We didn’t have a full meal at the wedding, but we had plenty of desserts and snacks! This is a view of the spread. I was SO worried before the wedding that we wouldn’t have enough to satisfy everyone, so we bought teeny, tiny plates. The clean-up crew from the wedding said that there was SO much food left over…they took it to church the next day, and there was STILL stuff left over! I don’t know the final count of how much we actually had, but I know that we kept costs down a great deal by simply have desserts, fruits, veggies and cheese.

Don’t you just LOVE our cake topper? I absolutely loved the little details of the reception….from the simple decorations to the handmade gifts.

And here is a last parting shot of the tent at nighttime!



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