Cemetery: Morbid or Inspiring?

Today my class took a field trip to a cemetery. It was a beautiful cemetery on a peaceful little hillside right outside of Cedarville.



That is what I felt about this field trip.

And you may now be asking WHAT in the WHORLD were early childhood education majors doing at a cemetary for a field trip?? Well…exactly….we went to learn about different ways to use the community around us (such as cemetery’s) for classroom lessons! For example, in a cemetery, there are a lot of famous dead people. It would be cool to show kids the grave of a famous person. It would also be a fantastic life lesson. Asking the kids, “What is left of this person?” And they will reach the conclusion that all that is left of this person is a tombstone. And whatever they are famous for. Cemetery’s are also rich with symbolism…there are certain markers on graves of those who have been in the armed forces.

But then there is the overarching air that death is final. Death is real. Death happens to everyone…even the very best. Death happened to that 102 year old mother of 12. Death happened to that 16 year old both. Death happened to that “2 years of age” child. And yes, death even happened that 4 day old “infant” (implying that he/she had not been named at the time of death).

When I saw that grave marker I wanted to weep. I can’t imagine a greater sacrifice in life than losing your own flesh and blood. How did he die? Why did he die? Why did he live for only 4 short days before life was given back to the Creator? And yet I think of people that I know who have gone through that. My own Grandma and Grandpa in losing their 4 year old son to Malaria in the heart of Africa. This blog that features a good friends brother and sister in law (http://www.jessmcclenahan.com/) (Go to Cora’s story tab to read the story or go allll the way back on the blog to read a day by day account of the beauty from ashes.)

Maybe this seems scattered. But that field trip to the cemetery makes me think of what God has in store. Does he have children in mind for us? If so, how long will their lives be trusted into my hands? Will I be willing to let them go when God says so? Oh, boy…these are some deep thoughts and questions, I know.

I guess it all comes down to this: How much am I willing to sacrifice for the sake of Christ?


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