Reception: Dancing

We did have dancing at our reception, and it was a blast!

Check out some of these pictures!

Theo and I’s first dance: “From This Moment” by Shania Twain

Father/Daughter Dance – “I Loved Her First” Heartland

Right now I cannot remember the name of the song that Theo and his Mom danced to.

Getting the party started by throwing my brother up in the air. Not sure exactly what the song/dance might have been…but I love all the facial expressions in this picture! My cousins are the ones throwing him up in the air. After the wedding, someone said to me: “I’d send your cousins an invitation to my wedding just so they can bring the fun.” HAHA. SO. TRUE. It was a blast to have them there.

Theo and some of his friends from high school danced and sang to “Ill Make a Man” from Mulan. It was something that they had done several years back and they had a BLAST. I loved watching it!

The guy in the white tie was our “DJ”. We couldn’t afford a real DJ, so I just collected a lot of songs and put them onto an iPod. I had three playlists- Dinner (background music), Specials (Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, etc) and Dancing. We told him to simply go for it…play songs he knew, judge the mood of the crowed (like observing what age range was left at the reception). He did an excellent job and we were so happy with how it all turned out! By the end, he had just taken out his phone and hooked it up to the speakers. He was playing requests and just whatever came to his mind. I loved that, because the songs that I picked could’ve been good ones, but I don’t really know my music all that well. It was so refreshing and freeing to put someone in charge who was familiar with the music. I didn’t have to worry about it at all!

When we rented the tent, the dance floor was an option. We decided that we didn’t want to dance on just the grass, so we went with the dance floor. I am very glad that we did!


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