Obviously, a huge adjustment to married life has been learning how to budget, plan and prepare food!

Theo does all of the budgeting- something that I am very thankful for. Although it is sometimes a stress factor, I am so thankful to have a husband who will take care of all that, and who will trust God even when the numbers don’t seem to meet. We are very blessed in where and how we are starting this marriage, considering the fact that we are both still students and he is working two jobs.

The first thing I do to plan for the meals that I cook is to simply flip through my cookbooks. I have a pretty great collection already

I keep my cookbooks on the top and bottom shelves of this thing (any guesses where it came from? If you guessed the dumpster….DING DING DING!! =) ) The ones on the top shelf are the ones that I use all the time, the ones on the bottom shelf…I haven’t had a chance to touch them yet.

I usually sit down with all those cookbooks spread all around me and my planner open in front of me, and just flip through recipes. Since every single recipe is still new to me, this is currently a very fun thing for me to do. If I see something that looks really good, I will write it down in my planner. I try to look at the timing and plan it for nights that it will work. So far I think that I have done a pretty good job of matching meals with schedules.

When I write down the name of the recipe, I also include the cookbook and the page number.

Next, I go through each recipe for the next 2-3 weeks and make a shopping list of the ingredients that I don’t have. So far, this has been a pretty effective way for me to make our shopping lists. I end up with everything I need, and so far we haven’t had to throw out too much (we are still working on how to buy fruit for just two people, though!). After I made the list, I will go grocery shopping. Thankfully, we are not that far from an Aldi, a Walmart and a Kroger. I do my shopping in that order. I go to Adli first, if I can’t find it there, I will go to Walmart and then if I absolutely can’t find it there, I will go to Kroger.

These are my two favorite cookbooks so far. Better Homes and Gardens Bridal Edition and the homemade one my Mom gave me as a wedding gift. I love the Better Homes and Gardens one because it explains everything. You see, this new bride did not know that there was a difference between light cream, whipping cream and heavy cream. This cookbook actually explains all that. And it doesn’t call for ridiculous things like ‘Better Homes and Gardens pre-made pie crust’. Instead, it actually tells you how to make the pie crust.

Of course, the cookbook that my Mom made me is my absolute favorite. These recipes are tried and true, and I at least know how they are supposed to turn out. There are some recipes that I have cooked that I really, really don’t think that is how it was supposed to turn out. Since I have eaten these recipes from my Mom countless times, I know how it is supposed to turn out.

The next step is to cook the meal! This is my favorite part!

Once I have cooked the recipe I put a check on the upper corner so I know that I have cooked it before! I really, really, hope to cook through a cookbook one day in my life, so this a great way to keep track!

Finally, (Theo’s favorite part!) we enjoy the meal together.


2 thoughts on “Foooood!

  1. It’s interesting that you and I have the same journal and we both write our day’s menu at the bottom of the page! I almost thought that picture was my journal! I’m trying to cook through my bread machine book, but some of the recipes are really bizarre or take stuff I can’t get here. But I have tried a lot of different kinds of breads. I’m sure you’re turning into an excellent cook, because you were a good one before you got married. It’s just that now you’re fully responsible for it.

  2. Chara Franks says:

    Suzanne, I cook/plan my meals exactly the same way you do! Sit down with all the cookbooks, and try to match up recipes with nights I either have a lot of time or don’t! And I write them in my planner, make the grocery list, etc. It has been working really well for us, and sounds like it has worked well for you guys too!

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