Reception: Crazy Times

Right before we entered into our reception, a Cedarville (guy) friend came up to me and asked permission to something CRAZY to Theo. I hesitated, but decided that I would only have one wedding and might as well let all these guys have some fun.

We were originally planning on having a dollar dance, but that plan was thrown out the window as soon as this plan arrived.

About halfway through the reception, several Cedarville guys, groomsmen and my cousins captured Theo, making a big scene as they carried him off to the bathroom.

A couple minutes later most of the guys came back…minus Theo….but holding Theo’s pants, shoes, suit jacket and shirt. They grabbed the mike from the DJ and told the tent that they had all of the groom’s clothes and he wouldn’t be getting them back until his shoes were full of money (BRILLIANT, RIGHT??????)

They walked around the tent collecting money in his shoes…then returned Theo’s clothes to him.

We made about $200 from this.

Theo redressed and they brought him back into the tent on a chair to some wild cheering.

I am SO glad that Zach had this idea and that I agreed to let them do it. It surprised so many people and gave them a good laugh, inspiring them to give this bride and groom some mulah! It is a fantastic thing to do at a wedding with a lot of young guys who want to do something crazy and memorable!

What do you think? Tame dollar dance or crazy stealing of the grooms clothes to collect a little bit of extra cash for the honeymoon? Haha!!!

(and, yes, if you wondered….the guy in the black and white pinstripey shirt is wearing a WOODEN bow tie.)


One thought on “Reception: Crazy Times

  1. Katie says:

    That is absolutely fabulous! Love it! I’ve never heard of it – but it’s brilliant and hilariously funny. What a great group of cousins!

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