Tour of our Home

Welcome to the dungeon.

I don’t mean ‘dungeon’ as a term to complain. Instead, it is an affectionate term for our wonderful but humble first home. The reason that we refer to it as a dungeon is because it is in a basement and has only 5 basement windows (the tiny windows up by the ceiling).

This is what you see when you first walk into the door.

Looking to the right of the front door…dining room, homework/desk area and the bathroom is around that corner.

Looking to the left of the front door. The living room, and on the very far right of the picture is the kitchen. We love our counter with the bar stools, and still eat there all the time. And yes, that is Moose sitting with Theo while Theo studies. Our home usually looks like this in the evenings…soft lighting, soft music, purring kitty and LOTS, LOTS, LOTS of homework strewn across the floor and all the couches.

Our kitchen. I LOVE this place, even though it may seem small. You actually can’t see them in this picture, but I have two shelves that work as my pantry. One is hidden behind the fridge and the other is under the counter. With those two shelves, we have plenty of room for storing things! Also- please note the piles of very clean dishes. Don’t I have a fantastic husband????

Our bedroom is straight through the kitchen and is a wonderful safe haven for us. This is the view from laying on the bed, looking out into the kitchen/living room (there are several locations in the apartment that you can see every room in the house if you stand there haha). Im STILL working on getting some pictures/our wedding vows hung up on the walls, but I like what we have so far.

I probably shouldn’t even post this picture…because I STILL haven’t finished that apron I was trying to finish months ago. BUT, Im SO happy that I have a desk just for my sewing machine. When I was growing up, that was one of my requirements for my home. And now I have my own home with my own sewing machine on my own sewing machine table, and I haven’t even finished my first project yet! AH!

This picture is taken from sitting on the big couch (see picture above). I really just wanted to point out the Africa picture on the wall. This is one of my favorite things that I have hanging up! Our living room has some crazy angles on the walls, and so I still have decided what would look like nice where, but I have the Africa thing and then I recently hung up that picture frame with a bunch of pictures in it (opposite wall). Also, this picture is also taken from one of those locations in the house that you can see every part of the house. Looking towards/through the kitchen (just in case you are wondering- Theo had just bit into a brownie from our wedding and wasn’t so sure about it haha!) and you can see both our bedroom (door on left) and the spare bedroom (door on right).

Since we are renting our apartment, all the furniture came with it, and all utilities are included in our rent. It’s really a nice deal! The people we rent from live upstairs and that is why we live in the basement. Honestly, for a first year apartment for a young, poor, married couple…it’s great. We have a warm bed. We have a kitchen. I HAVE A SEWING MACHINE TABLE FOR HEAVENS SAKE!! Plus, we have each other…and that is what truly makes this place a home ❤

What do you think- do you think we actually do homework like this? Or is this picture totally posed?


3 thoughts on “Tour of our Home

  1. Fiona Scott says:

    You’ve made it your own – I love it! I do think you study that way 🙂 You guys are so cute!

  2. I love your apartment! I’m so happy I got to help you just a bit with setting it up and that Dad and I got to stay there a few days. The last picture….I think you do homework like that as long as it doesn’t require writing. If it requires writing, I think you’d be too frustrated.

  3. Anna says:

    Hey , Suzanne, I like your place! It reminds me of Noah’s and my first apartment in a basement, even the 5 “windows,” dim lights in the evening, and I’m pretty sure that exact same mustard-color fridge! We moved a few months ago, but we were that basement for our first year and a half.

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