Reception: Disposable Camera’s

At our reception, we placed a disposable camera on each table.

Along with each digital camera, we put a ‘photo scavenger hunt’, or a list of pictures to find at our reception.

It started off with a little rhyme:

Use your camera and scavenge around,

Hunt for the pictures that need to be found.

Shoot away and complete the list,

Find the moments that we may have missed!”

I wanted to do this for several reasons.

1. To keep the guests occupied in case something got boring for them, whether that was waiting for their table to get food, or waiting for the ‘real’ dancing to get started, or just waiting around. I have been at weddings were I have been bored out of my mind and taking pictures with my camera was one of the things I have done at weddings to keep me occupied until something a little bit more exciting happens.

2. The photographer is REALLY busy. This is the person who is WORKING your entire wedding. This is the person who is payed to get those BIG shots- the first dance, the cake cutting, the best man’s speech. The problem is, the cutest little kid might have just dumped cake into her hair while the cake cutting is happening, and the photographer totally missed it (because he/she was doing their job!).

3. Different perspective- There are so many things that I missed at our wedding. I didn’t see that person’s shoes, or that person’s date or who all was sitting at that table. Having these camera’s at the tables gave me a whole new look into my own wedding reception- a look from the guest’s point of view.

Here was the list of things that we asked people to capture with their disposable cameras (although they were free to use them for whatever pictures they wanted!):

– You with someone you have never met before today

– you and the group you are with

– someone dancing on the dance floor

– the cutest older couple

– someone laughing

– someone avoiding catching the garter or boquet

– your favorite decor item

– the cutest kid you see

– your favorite shoes at the reception

– someone wearing stripes

– what you ate at the reception

– someone who is related to the bride

– someone who is related to the groom

– you with a bridesmaid and a groomsman

– a couple holding hands

– the sky at sunset

– someone watching the bride and grooms first dance

– the photographer

– someone getting emotional

– a couple (besides the bride and groom) kissing

– you with the bride or groom

Here are some of the pictures that we got when we got these disposable camera’s developed:

The photographer!

After the wedding, my parents, in-laws and bridesmaids continued to have fun with the disposable camera’s….


Are the pictures high quality? Nope. But who says that you need high quality to capture good memories. The prices for this really added up. We bought 25 disposable camera’s, which wasn’t too cheap. Then, we had to get them developed which ended up being EXPENSIVE. Remember back when 1 hr photo meant taking your film and having it developed within the hour? Well, that is not what those signs mean anymore. It takes at least a week to get one developed, and when you have 25….yikes. During the time that we were waiting for them to be developed I started to thing that it really wasn’t worth it. But when I got the pictures, I decided that it was completely worth it.

I would highly recommend this for a wedding that wants to incorporate the guests having a lot of FUN.





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