Just for Kicks and Giggles.

Another Moose post. What is this world coming to? Just wait until we have a REAL baby.

The other day I was wasting my time getting good ideas on Pinterest, and I stumbled across this.

A lion cat haircut. Theo thought it was the best idea EVER and was ready to take out the buzzer and do it on Moose. I convinced him to not do it right away (I still haven’t fully convinced him to not do it, though!)
And this one looked pretty cool, too.

Now, I’m not into Halloween AT ALL, but how much candy would you give us if we showed up with the Moose-man at your door wearing this??? It was all starting to sound like a great idea. Turn Moose into a lion. Why not?

HAHAHAHA! THAT’S why not!!!!!

Theo and I DIED laughing when we saw this picture. The reality of it is, if the Moose showed up at your door on Halloween looking like this, the scenario would be completely different than the cute little cat-lion pictured above! HAHAHA!

Soooo I think for now Moose will keep his coat and we won’t put him through that. But, there are some things that we HAVE put Moose through that I’d like to share with you.

DISCLAIMER: Moose is fine. He is purring. He is curled up in Theo’s lap trying to eat his smoothie. No animal was harmed in the taking of these pictures. We are not animal abusers.

It’s a GIRL! Just kidding…he’s a boy

He hated it so much he just laid there.

The family


Honestly…who needs a TV when you have a kitty-cat named Moose?

P.S. As I wrote this, Theo dripped some purple smoothie on his face. Now he’s a purple-faced cutie who is rubbing his face on my leg. Not even kidding.

I have the best life.

P.S.S. Go to Pinterest and type in ‘cat lion’. Laugh your heads off. Hilarious. Google images will probably bring the same results. For some reason it just makes us laugh SO. HARD.


One thought on “Just for Kicks and Giggles.

  1. kgunks says:

    I LOVE that first picture of the lion cat, oh my word! That IS the best idea ever!!

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