Not Much

I don’t have much to post about today, but I know that need to update this so that my readers are satisfied! Today was officially my first day of fall break. It is WONDERFUL. I feel like not only can my body relax, my mind can also relax. We head out to DC tomorrow morning to visit my brother and I am so excited about that I can hardly keep it in.

School has gotten absolutely insane, but I am so thankful for teachers who are willing to extend due dates…just because. (well, actually…it’s because we couldn’t physically do all the work required of us in the amount of time given…). But anyways, it is fantastic to feel like I just have a couple days to take life at a slower pace.

Right now I am looking on pinterest for some cake recipes. I had a cupcake party at my house and although all the cupcakes are almost gone, the icing is still sitting on top of my fridge, so I need to make something that uses frosting. Any good ideas? I’m not very creative with my cakes at this point in my life… I am also planning on heading to the sewing machine after I finish this post, so that I can work on that apron that was supposed to be finished about 6 months ago haha!


In other news, we had a blast with family this weekend thanks to the arrival of my beautiful new niece, Corah Dawn!

I think I want one…



I have suddenly fallen in love with fall. My first two falls in America I was still trying to adjust to the frigid-seeming temperatures and really took the beauty for granted. I was sick for most of last fall, and just didn’t focus on the beauty of God’s seasons. Now, I love this season. I still don’t want cold weather to come, but I love the beautiful leaves, that crisp, fresh air and the boots and sweaters that I get to wear!!! Call me crazy…mabye I’ll be in love with winter next!!!???!!!!!!

Just a little update to keep you reading…what have you been up to lately?


2 thoughts on “Not Much

  1. Tam says:

    Suz, that was a nice brief update, but I am so pumped to see you in person on Friday!!! You look absolutely beautiful. I love you!

  2. kgunks says:

    I love fall too! Thankfully, the hurricane brought fall to Florida :] Sadly, it’s not too good for all of you up north :/ But I must tell you that winter is just too amazing to not love, please start to love it asap :]!

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