Whats Been Going On Lately…

…This post could also be titled one of the following things:


‘Doing anything possible to keep my mind off of school and how incredibly discouraging it has been lately’

‘It’s really hard to take a self-portrait when the focus is on the apron’

‘Pictures of our life lately’

Haha. For real.

Last weekend was fantastic. Finally seeing my brother and sister in law, spending time with them, the husband and my best friend was desperately needed. I felt a sort of emptiness when I got back…

School hit hard this week. A lot of things have been due, and I have not been satisfied with the outcome of them. Just half an hour ago I had a class with a huge project due. I thought mine was fine until I got to class and saw everyone else’s, and each new project I saw just brought me down lower and lower. Its hard when you are working so close with so many other people in a major that not only requires creativity, but is entirely built on it. =(

BUT, I did FINALLY finish that apron!!!!!! FINALLY!!! Here are some pictures:




It is REALLY hard to take a picture of yourself when the focus is on the apron…


I also did a little bit of crafting on something else. I was really excited to make this, and I love the way that it turned out, although I might add some things and move where I hung it. I absolutely LOVE our vows, and I know that we should be mulling over them on a daily basis. This is something that is not very easy to do, so I really wanted to frame them and hang them above our bed. The way our bedroom is set up, however, there is not enough room to hang them there so I just hung them across the room. One day when we get a new house I think they will be hung in a place of honor right about our bed. I bought a frame at Arnie’s, a craft store in Northern Michigan. For some reason, it didn’t have glass, but it still works as a frame! I love the ‘scratched’ look and the grey color.



All I did was cover the back in brown scrapbooking paper (so that it would match our quilt/bedroom), print out our vows and glue it on top, then stick in pictures of Theo and I saying our vows. That part was easy and planned… then I realized that the paper was a little bit crooked, so I decided to put a purple ribbon around the paper. And…voila! I love it!

And just to end this ‘lately’ post… pictures from our trip to DC!

Best Friends!




Overlooking D.C from Arlington National Cemetery


Favorite meal with my favorite people.


Air Force Memorial

Skyping the parents

Playing lots of games.



At the Pentagon

That’s all for now!


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