Baby Shower

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower. It was the first baby shower I had ever been to so you will have to understand where I am coming from when I tell you that I was also the one who planned it. No pressure, right? Initially, in my head, this baby shower looked like a Pinterest dream. In reality, it was a whole lot of fun and a celebration, but not a Pinterest dream. So without further ado, let me show you some pictures and explain how things went down! =)

Food table

We started out with food- a wonderful spread from so many different people contributing. There were cupcakes, muffins, vegetables and two different types of yogurt with fruit to put on top. (Note: The person who hosted the shower loves decorating and had decorated the whole house for Halloween, which clashed just slightly with baby shower decorations. I’m so thankful that she opened up her wonderful home to everyone, though! I just wanted that as a side note.)While everyone ate, they mingled and chatted and cooed over the newest baby.

Opening gifts

Next, we opened gifts, which was both fun and exciting! Before opening gifts, I handed out envelopes to each person and had them write their name and address on the envelope. That way my SIL doesn’t have to track down names and addresses, but can just write the thank you note and then slip it in the envelope. I also gave the thank you notes that went with the envelopes to her as a gift.


After the gift time we had a devotional time. One of the ladies gave a short account of the birth of the baby and then went on to encourage my SIL about her approach to life and motherhood and her foundation on God alone. It was very touching and wonderful to hear.

After the devotional time, we played two games. This games were fun and easy, both to participate in and to plan/teach. The first one was called “Old Wives Tales Trivia” and I found it here: It has a hilarious list of old wives tales that supposedly predict whether a pregnant woman will have a boy or a girl.

The next game that we played involved a roll of toilet paper. I handed around a roll of toilet paper and had everyone take as many squares as they wanted. In the end, the person with the correct number of squares won. And what measured the correct amount of squares? Well, the length of the baby, of course! Several people were spot on: 5 squares!

Afterwords, I took several pictures of different guests with the new Mom and baby Corah.

Kindrea, Corah and I

Now that the shower is over, I have one more project to work on. Throughout the morning, I had each guest write a note to Corah on an index card. This note could be words of wisdom, or a prayer for the new baby or the entire family. I am now going to put these index cards and the pictures that I took at the shower into a small photo album/scrapbook for Kindrea and eventually the baby to look at.


And what did I give to the new Mom and baby? I gave them a coupon book, of course! Money is very tight right now, and while I wanted to go out and spend a lot of money on the new baby and the new Mom, I knew that was not an option. So I made a coupon book instead.

The first thing I did was find three different sheets of scrapbook paper that kind of followed the same thing. Since this was a gift in celebration of a new baby girl, I chose three different patterns of pink. I simply folded one in half, folded that in half again and then cut them so I had several little rectangular pages. I did repeated this with the other two colors, and also made a front and back color out of a mustard yellow piece of scrapbook paper.

Next, I wrote “This coupon is good for…” at the top of every page. I then wrote out what it was ‘good’ for using a Sharpie marker. I drew a picture on one of them, but since I’m not a very good artist, that did not happen on all of them.

I bound the book using regular scotch tape. Simply place the front cover face down on the counter, then line up the first coupon with it. Place the tape right onto both sides, then cut it right on the edge. Fold the page down and repeat this until the whole book is finished (backside of page 1 lined up with front side of page 2, backside of page 2 lined up with front side of page 3, etc, etc).

When finished putting all the tape on the inside of the book, make sure to also bind the book from the outside.
Place the book, completed, face up on the counter. Place a piece of tape along the edge and then fold down and around to the back cover.

And voila! There you have it…a homemade coupon book! We included several dinners, several babysitting options, a new outfit for the baby, a bath for the cat, an at-home manicure or pedicure and a family photoshoot.

All in all, this baby shower was a huge success. Was it a pinterest dream? Not exactly. Was it a chance for me to get my name out their to become a professional baby shower-ist? Nope. It was a huge success because we celebrated the wonderful life of a new baby. We rejoiced that Ethan and Kindrea were given another child to take care of in this life. We gathered to celebrate and ‘shower’ this family with joy, prayer and support. And that was a HUGE privilege. =)

That’s all for now! =)



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