Sooo…where exactly have you been?

I bet some people may be wondering where I have been the past three weeks. So I will try to explain the best I can.

A week and a half ago, I went to my last college class. Yes, you read that right. My last college class.

My class

Last semester and the beginning of this semester, I have had class everday from 8-3 with these people, and only these people. We are in what is called a “block program” which basically means that our classes all go together and are several hours each. To be in these schedule, you have to be accepted into the education program which means that for the most part I was finished with gen eds and therefore all 19 credits go to those four core classes. And therefore, everyone else is also finished with their gen eds and also going through the same four core classes. Which means that we see each other everyday, all day. It does make us really close, and we have become very good at things like “collaboration” “communication” and “organization”. We are all also convinced that we need a class therapy session just to rant and rave about the injustices of our workloads and time commitments to the education program at Cedarville. Of course, when we look back on it, I am sure that we will be nothing but thankful for the opportunities that we have had.

After my last class, I began my placement in 1st grade! The challenging part of the semester. I leave the house at 7 to arrive at school at 7:30 everyday. I then interact with the children all day, teach social studies, science and math to the students and assist the classroom teacher in whatever she needs (depending on the day, I also end up teaching language arts, reading groups, read aloud, handwriting, bible and anything else that needs to be taught on that day!). We leave the school at 3:30 to arrive back home at 4, where I sit down to write my lesson plans for the following day. These lessons plans aren’t just brief overviews/layouts of what I am going to teach the next day. They take at least about 40 minutes to an hour and half to complete one! They include things like the common core standards, the pre-assessment, formative assessment, post assessment, interdisciplinary connections, extensions, biblical integration, extensions, differentiated instruction and materials that are needed. As I write more and more, they do become much easier and faster to write, but it is still a lot of work. For example, I just taught a lesson on the addition strategy counting on. Now, does anyone in the world have a suggestion for how I can relate that to the Bible??? Or what about to other subjects? And then I have to take every student who has special needs or just learning/attention difficulties and make sure that I specify how exactly I am going to accommodate them in that lesson. THEN, I can get my supplies together for the lesson. Theo and I have been up late many a night already folding pieces of paper into intricate foldables, or cutting and gluing pieces of paper together, making 21 pilggrim hats or making a math game board. Phew! It’s overwhelming and exhausting, but I am also learning SO much each and every day.

I voted!


I also voted for the first time! Trust me, I’m not going to get into it on here… but I do have a funny story from school the other day. A child came in to school (Christian school) after Obama got re-elected and was telling all of his classmates that Obama is the antchrist and Jesus is coming back any moment now to rapture all Christians to heaven. My friend was the student teacher and she gently explained to all the other students why he said that but that it wasn’t true…. (yikes!!!)

(and no, I don’t look very attractive in this picture…it was my first day at school and I was SO exhausted)



And don’t worry…Moose is doing great! He does have an appointment with the vet in a week that will render him an official eunuch for the Hines household, but what he doesn’t know what kill him, right? For now he still loves us a lot. And he has also recently discovered a heating pad, and has claimed it as his bed. I have also discovered that he LOVES/IS OBSESSED with anything that is laminated. As a teacher, I have to laminate almost everything, but if I bring it home, he will claw it, bite it, lay on it, bat at it, and no matter where I put it, he will not leave it alone…it’s the weirdest thing…!

Have a great weekend!



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