At school, I am teaching both Math and Social Studies. I am required to teach both these subjects on a daily basis. You might think that sounds easy, but I really have to work from the bottom up. You see, all I was given was a standard. Standards are the goals set out by the National Board of Education that each teacher has to prove that her students have met. So, you can’t just teach that standard, you also have to make sure that you can assess that standard and that all students know the information that the standard covers. Getting more complicated, right?

The standard I was given for social studies was: Time can be divided into categories (months of the year, past, present and future). HA! Now, do you think that teaching is easy? In two weeks, I had to make sure that each 1st grade student fully understands that time is divided into categories such as months of the year, chronological order and past, present and future.

I used this past week to teach about past, present and future and had the students make a timeline of their own life, showing 3-6 events. This project was SO much fun, but also a lot of work. As a guiding example, I made a timeline of my own life! Here is what it looked like:

Mrs. Hines =)



The timeline two pieces of paper taped together and then folded, with construction paper glued on the back. The students did a really great job with the timeline like this, and loved being able to unfold the timeline and show the events of their lives!

Here is an example of a student’s timeline:



The students brought in pictures of their lives and glued them onto their timelines in order, explaining several different events that they remember in their life. This particular student forgot her pictures, so she drew them instead. =)

And that is what we have been working on in 1st grade!


2 thoughts on “Timelines

  1. You are definitely a creative teacher! And I think teaching has gotten a whole lot harder!!!!

  2. Beth says:

    I love this idea, Suzanne!

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