You know you are an (elementary) teacher when…

A day off means I get to wear sweats!


* A day off feels like a whole weekend- slept in, washed dishes, cleaned the house, made lunch and dinner, wrote 4 lesson plans, changed the sheets and did laundry (and it’s only 4:27!)

* “Sleeping in” means 8:00, at the latest. After all, it’s two hours later than the normal 6 am!

* You can use pinterest to glean excellent ideas for your lessons

* You find some really old, dried out weeds flowers in your purse that the girls gave you at recess three weeks ago, and that you couldn’t throw out in front of them, so you gently placed them into your purse and promptly forgot about them– until now

* People tell you to your face that your job must be “so easy” and it takes everything in the world to not punch them.

* You can smell a laminator kicking into gear at least 300 ft away

* You can switch with no problem to “that voice” and “that look”, and sometimes catch yourself doing both in times when you are actually not the teacher!

* You have trained yourself to go to the bathroom only twice in the day: lunch and prep period.

*You are always trying to incorporate daily events into lessons (or in the case of a Cedarville student, every verse you read you are trying to tie into the biblical integration portion of the lesson!)

*Most people think you spend at least 99% of the day teaching, but in reality it is more like 35% of the day. The rest of the day is spent reminding students of the routine and the instructions, dealing with poop, pee, and other bodily functions  and mostly: reminding students how to behave.

*Your fridge, desk, wall and purse are covered/filled with the most adorable drawings of yourself (from the students interpretations, of course) with students. They are covered and filled because you just can’t bear to throw any out.

*You can eat a full meal in less than 10 minutes- and you do this on a regular basis, not on a hot-dog-at-the-fair-contest type of thing

*You accidentally clutter up your husbands Martial Arts youtube channel with videos such as “When you Subtract with a Pirate” and “Addition Families” and “The First Thanksgiving” (I just didn’t know it was signed in!)

*You thought you had the perfect name picked out for your future child, but then into your classroom comes that child who alters the good thoughts previously associated with the name

*You fix at least one zipper a day- yep, that could be ANYWHERE

* You get called “Mom” on a near-daily basis, even though you are not a Mom yet

* You live for the excitement that the students bring into the classroom, and the look on their face when they “get” subtraction and a vocabulary word and the seasons of the year song

* You could make more money doing almost any other job, but you wouldn’t dream of doing anything else

I’m so thankful that I was able to have this day off. If you are reading this today, though, please be praying for the family and friends of a former graduate of the school I am at. He passed away last Friday, and in honor of him and his funeral (that took place today), they closed the school. It is a sad day amongst the faculty and students of ECA, but I am grateful for the day off. I know that I am not yet even a full time teacher, but these things crack me up!

Anyone else have any contributions?

With love,



“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” – W.B Yeats


One thought on “You know you are an (elementary) teacher when…

  1. Beka Rideout says:

    so true!!! love your insights! glad you are enjoying it despite all the work and energy it takes. loving is never a waste. and the teaching part DOES get easier after the first year.

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