As promised: Christmas prep recap

On Friday, when I got home from school, Theo picked me up and took me to Tae kwon do with him. He instructs three classes twice a week, and is also working towards getting his own black belt. I absolutely love to watch him instruct, especially the young class. I think that he does a phenomenal job and I am so proud of him when I see him working so hard, doing something that he loves, but also something that he is using as a way to provide for our little family. He has his hands full, as you can see! This picture is only half his class!


On Saturday morning, we headed out to do some shopping! With the money that someone sent us for Christmas, we budgeted for Christmas decorations, including buying a real tree. Since this is our first Christmas together, neither of us had anything to contribute to Christmas decorations, so we budgeted $100 for this, a budget that we managed to stay well under, even with a $25 tree.

After shopping at Wal-mart (which was absolute chaos), we headed to Michaels. On the way to Michaels, Theo suddenly turned the car around and told me to close my eyes. He then led me to a small shop that I have always wanted to visit. It’s called Cake, Hope and Love and they have some of the most AMAZING cupcakes I have ever tasted. What a wonderful surprise! Theo got the buckeye cupcake (peanut butter center in a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing and chocolate drizzle on top) and I got the traditional vanilla. DELICIOUS.


Next stop: Michaels. There are a lot of Christmas decorations that we discovered we can make just as easily as buying them. So I am going to get my craft on later this month!

The final stop on our day out was to pick up our nephew and niece, and then pick up our Christmas tree. We had originally wanted to cut down our own tree, but instead we decided to just buy ours at Kroger.

We bought it no problem, but then realized that we didn’t have anything to fasten it onto the car with. We had two kids in the back seat, so we couldn’t just shove the tree into the trunk. Theo collected all the twine he could find around the Christmas trees and tied this little tree to our bumper. Meanwhile, I entertained the kids by letting them “drive”


I questioned several times if that tree was going to stay on the bumper, but Theo insisted that it was fine and it was the best he could do, anyways. I agreed with that, so we were on our way! About halfway home, we hear a big thump and look back to see the Christmas tree falling off the back of the car. Theo had fastened it so well, however, that only part of it fell off and it was actually dangling off the back of the car! We stopped and fixed it, then were on the road again. However, the same thing happened again. This time Theo got out, grabbed the tree and shoved it as far as he could into the trunk, tying down the trunk with what was left of the twine. It was a little bit scary at the time for me, but I trust Theo so much that I know I am never in danger when he is in charge. We finally got that Christmas tree home, and the decorating began! I didn’t take too many pictures of that, because we were so busy entertaining the little ones.


(Ok, I don’t know why I can’t rotate pictures anymore…I need to figure that out. Also, the second picture really and truly makes it look like we live in a dungeon- the color of my skin and the look of the wall behind us haha!)

Finally, we headed over to campus to check out the decorated open dorms! It was a blast!

Today, we went to church and after church stopped by to  bake a lot of Christmas cookies with my aunt Natalie and my cousin Alesha! For some reason I didn’t take any pictures, probably because I was too busy baking and having fun!

How was your weekend?




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