I got this in the mail! A little bit of home!!!!

Photo 203

My favorite African Ramen noodles. Trust me, these things beat American Ramen any day.

I found this on Pinterest, and plan on taking a picture every day for the month of December! Here we are 9 days into it, so I will have to do a little bit of catch up.

December Photo a day Challenge

December 8- Ornament ( I have a couple!)


My oldest decoration- from ’08 haha! Aunt Danette, my bible study leader my senior year made these for us at Christmas time. It has floated from one box to another throughout all the past Christmases that I spent with other families or in other places, but has finally come to rest on this wonderful tree! On the other side, it says Excellence, which is what we were studying that year.


Yes, my husband is a Volunteer Firefighter! He has not been able to go on any calls yet, but in about a week he will get his certification and then we will be able to be a full-fledged firefighter! I am so proud of him! The fire department had a banquet the other night to honor all its members, so Theo got this as a gift.


We got married in May, so not many people were thinking about buying us Christmas decorations! However, one family had the foresight to think of our first Christmas and our potentially naked tree, and bought us a set of Christmas decorations! Isn’t this one pretty?

And there you have it- Day 8. Ornaments.



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