Day 10: Wrapping Paper

How was your day? My day was absolutely insane! Tomorrow is my last day at school, and then I am on Christmas break! Theo has also had an insane day! Wanna hear the story?

I left home at 7 this morning, as usual. I was feeling a little under the weather but I’m pretty sure it’s just because I am so exhausted that my body is ready to give up. Good thing it can give up tomorrow afternoon! Anyways, Theo was staying home for a couple hours, and then heading to Taekwondo and then to take a big exam at school. This exam was supposed to take place at 1:30.

Around 12:30 I get a text from Theo “I locked my keys in the car…” At this point, he has an hour to get to his exam, is an 30 minutes away, and I am over an hour away with the only spare set of keys. Of course, I can’t leave the classroom just to call my husband, let alone go unlock the car, so I keep on teaching, trying my hardest to sneak in texts to check up on him every so often. Thankfully, someone from his class came and picked him up and Theo got to his exam on time! Not only did he make it on time, he also passed! I am SO proud of him! So now Theo is still stuck about 40 minutes away from our house, and I am 40 minutes away in the other direction…with car keys, but no car.

After school, I usually head straight home and start dinner and homework. Today, however, I had orientation for student teaching. I was in a pretty good mood before we got there, but this meeting literally drained the life out of me. It was overwhelming, discouraging and made me angry all at the same time. (sigh.) After the hour long life-draining meeting, I grab a ride with a friend to the “stranded” car. Since I have my keys, I pick up the car, then head over to our brother and sister-in-laws house to pick up Theo. By this time, it was 6:45 and I had already been out of the house for almost 12 hours. On our drive back home, we realized that although the crock pot had been turned on, it had not been cooking our dinner. My wonderful husband offered to make dinner for us, and we enjoyed it! I just now sat down to write this blog post and take a picture of wrapping paper, only to realize that the camera is out in the car…both of us are WAY to exhausted to go upstairs and get it haha! So, I am using the webcam on the computer…forgive the low quality of it!

I thought that the picture for today was PERFECT because it goes along so well with a project that we just did in school. I have been doing a unit on animal adaptations, and our lesson on Friday was on camouflage. I began by showing kids several pictures of animals that use camouflage. I then had the students camouflage a fish, using markers and wrapping paper. Yep, you heard that right…wrapping paper.

Photo 209

I used this CRAZY wrapping paper as the background. I found that for this craft, the darker the background, the better. Also, pick wrapping paper with a simple, repetitive pattern and primary colors (limited to the ones found in an 8 pack Crayola marker set), as it is so much easier to work with.

I then gave the students a coloring page of a fish. I told them that they could color it ONLY with purple, green and red (do you see where this is going?). The student followed my directions, then glued their colored fish onto the wrapping paper. This is what is turned out like:

Photo 208

Camouflage! With a little bit of a festive background!


3 thoughts on “Day 10: Wrapping Paper

  1. Gwen Baker says:

    Wow…just crazy day, but I love the lesson idea. May I use it one day on my grands? I especially appreciate how and what you write…and…enjoy your well deserved break!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, of course you may use it! Thank you so much for reading and encouraging me to keep writing!

  3. Katie says:

    What a great idea using the wrapping paper! So creative!

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