Day 12: A Beautiful Sight


Do you see that, folks? THAT is a beautiful sight. THAT is the sight I saw when I woke up this morning.

And because today is 12/12/12, I want to list 12 reasons I love this man:


1. Theo, you are so caring. You always care for me and put my needs above your own. You care for me when I come home from a long day at school or classes.

2. Theo, you are so creative! Whenever I have questions about what to write on my lesson plans, you give me ideas. You can take a room of kids and think of a game on the spot, then have them organized and playing that game within minutes.

3. Theo, you are so handsome. You are tall and dark, and that smile of yours makes me melt.

4. Theo, you are so patient. When I throw stupid, child-like fits and pick arguments about the stupid things, you’re first reaction is to be patient with me, trying to understand what I am feeling like.

5. Theo, you challenge me each and everyday. Whether it is through example, through your words of encouragement, you are constantly challenging me to be a better woman, and more like Christ each day.

6. Theo, you are SO funny. You say things that just crack me up just keep me laughing and laughing. I love your silly sense of humor.

7. Theo, you are going to be a great Dad one day. When I see you working with kids, I can’t believe that (hopefully) one day we will be raising our own kids…together. It’s going to be the greatest adventure we have ever embarked on!

8. Theo, you are a servant leader. I am constantly finding out that you do things for people that no one in the world every hears about. I will ask you what you are doing and you tell me that you are eating dinner with a guy who has a lot of questions about faith, or is just going through a hard time. No one else in the world knows about this meeting and conversation, but you still go the extra mile to make the difference in his life.

9. Theo, you have a heart for Africa. I can’t believe that the Lord put this passion into both our hearts and then put us together. I cannot wait until the day that we pack our things and board a plane to begin our life in Africa.

10. Theo, you pursue Christ. While you admit that you are not perfect, I see you pursuing Him on a daily basis. I know that you are dedicated to Him above all other things, and this makes me want to follow you and your leadership in our life.

11. Theo, you live in the moment. You are not caught up with living in the future, or living in the past. You show me a very healthy balance between remembering the past, and preparing for the future, but not living

12. Theo, you are such a hard worker. When you have a task, you put 110% into them. I am convinced that there is not a lazy bone in your body!


I want our life together and our marriage to be considered a beautiful sight. May we continue to work together to point others to our Savior.


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