Day 13: Family

Theo & Suz 323

Before May 26, This was my “original” family. However, this summer, my family changed drastically. I got married and my brother got married, expanding my immediate family to look more like this:

Theo & Suz 327

Of course, when I got married a gained a family as well. This is my “new” immediate family. Quite a size difference, huh? DSCN6254

Now, my family consists of Theo, myself and Moose. We can’t forget Moose



As Christmas time approaches, I get sad thinking about how far away my family is. =( I often spend time just trying not to think about it. Thankfully, I have such a wonderful husband and my “new” family is a joy to spend time with. Even though this is a my second Christmas without my family, I don’t think I will ever get used to it. Do you have any ideas to make the miles seem shorter and the family feel closer? Fill me in!



One thought on “Day 13: Family

  1. I’d like to know how to make the miles feel shorter and family closer, too!

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