Day 3 & 14: Red; Christmas Tree

Day 3: Something Red

Although not necessarily “festive”, most of the things in my kitchen are red. Growing up, my Mom had a red kitchen, so I just sort of picked it up from her.

Here are some of my red pots on the stove. Image(And yes, those are sweet potato fries in the oven! They are a staple around here! Anyone want the recipe?) ImageHere are some more red kitchen things. The chicken was bought on my missions trip to Arizona, and the red bowl is a piece of my favorite dishes set, from Bed, Bath and Beyond of course!

Day 14: Christmas Tree ImageTheo and I are sitting right in front of our Christmas tree.


And here is our tree…in all its glory! Yes, we went all out this year to get our tree. It is a real tree, and it is rather tall. For $25 at Kroger, we felt like it was worth it. When we head to Africa one day Christmas will be much different, and I wanted to make sure to enjoy this tree while we can! Also, it makes our house smell wonderful!

P.S.- Why does this blog say that it is December 15? It’s most certainly the 14th…right? Did I miss a day somehow??? Haha!


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