I know all of you know this, but I am so proud of my husband. Permit me to brag on him a little.

Remember a couple months ago, when I wrote about Theo working at a place that was the epitome of boring for him? He really and honestly hated that job. We were a little bit thankful when they informed him that their contract had run out and they needed to lay off all their workers. While it meant that he would not be working full time for us, it also meant that he got freedom from a job that felt like it was tying him down and draining him of all his energy.

So what does this have to do with integrity?

Well, my husband got a call last week from this same company. They got a new contract. They want him to come back. Today he went in for training. He found out that he is the only employee (besides the management that remained) that got hired again. I am SO proud of him. Even though it is not his favorite job, he worked there with diligence and respect and that paid off in that fact that when management had the choice to hire ONE worker back, they picked my husband, Theo.

Hopefully the job will be a little better this time around, with more experience under his belt and the prospects of getting a much more exciting full-time EMT job!

That’s right, folks. ANOTHER thing I am so proud of my husband for…this past week he passed the fire test that certifies him as a national firefighter. Next week he is taking the test that will certify him as a national EMT.

Love you, babe. I’m so proud of you. DSCN4133 2



One thought on “Integrity

  1. Gwen Baker says:

    We are proud of you both!!

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