“I know that I cannot walk into a village and tell a child that Jesus loves her. She cannot comprehend that, because, chances are, she has never been loved. I have to feed her, clothe her, care for her, and love her unconditionally as I tell her that I love her. Once she can understand and see my love, I can begin to tell her about a Savior who loves her even more.”

– Kisses from Katie (Katie Davis)  http://www.kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/

I feel that God is truly leading Theo and I to adopt children, and although we have not begun any process of adopting, I have realized lately that I know precious little about something that we feel God has called us to do. For my Christmas break, I picked up a couple of books on the subject, just starting to think what it means as Christians and what it might look like for Theo and I.

Any book suggestions for me?


One thought on “Orphans

  1. Chantelle Bliss says:

    Here’s a chapel from Biola done by one of the professors here on adoption and what it means for us to be adopted into the family of God. She’s adopted two girls and a little boy. Her husband is also a professor here at Biola and a pastor at my church. They are some of the most godly people I know, and I hope you enjoy this…

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