Day 2 & 15: Favorite Holiday Movie/Song

This was a hard one to take a picture of. I didn’t grow up watching many movies at all, let alone specific holiday ones. I also didn’t grow up listening to that much Christmas music. My family kept the “traditional” (meaning, American) Christmas celebrations minimal (although we still did celebrate Christmas in very fun ways!), and so I have never been “into it”.

This Christmas, however, I have really gotten into Christmas…at least for me. Ladies and Gentlemen, I even created a Christmas pandora radio station. WOAH.

I even took a picture for you.


I actually spend a lot of time with this music on, and I absolutely loved buying some simple decorations for our apartment (more on that later…when I finish making them…haha).

My Christmas movie list is also pretty short. The two movies that I actually want to watch this season are The Preachers Wife and Elf. Check out my Mom’s blog (, for the story of The Preachers Wife. For some reason, I cannot find this movie anywhere. It’s not on Netflix, it’s not at Family Video….its on Amazon but I just couldn’t buy it. Elf, I am sure I will get to watch. In the meantime, Theo and I have been enjoying our Netflix account and the show that we have stumbled upon is called Jericho. It’s an end-of-the-world type story, but no aliens or Zombie’s or weird things in black smoke and computers that control the world. Instead, it’s a little more realistic while a surviving town tries to figure out how and why nuclear bombs went off. In the meantime, they struggle with hunger, leadership issues, sickness while still trying to figure out what it going on. It’s pretty good, although can be violent. I also took a picture of that for you! =)


Do you have any song or movie recommendations for this Christmas newby? 😉


3 thoughts on “Day 2 & 15: Favorite Holiday Movie/Song

  1. My favorite Christmas movie is Christmas in Connecticut. It is a black and white, romantic comedy classic from 1945. I think Theo and you would really enjoy it!

  2. Beth says:

    Suzanne, I feel like I saw the Preacher’s Wife for $5 at Target but maybe that was my imagination???

  3. Dan Rajan says:

    The michael buble ‘christmas’ is pretty good! hope you’re doing well friend 😉

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