I found this on Pinterest this morning, and thought it was a pretty good idea!

Fun for journaling when you can't think of what to say

1. Listening: Pandora (Country Christmas) Alan Jackson “The Christmas Song”

Also, in the background  I hear Moosey scratching around in his litter box…gross.

2. Eating: Artichoke Dip with homemade pita chips

3. Drinking: Water and Iced Tea (also homemade. No, not the water…the iced tea!)

4. Wearing: PJ pants and a t-shirt

5. Feeling: Rested, Delighted, Relaxed, Excited for hubby to come home!

6. Weather: My toes are cold. Looks cloudy but bright outside

7. Wanting: A big kitchen window and my parents for Christmas

8. Needing: To exercise, or at least go outside!

9. Thinking: About all the cooking/baking/crafting/blogging I get to do today!

10. Enjoying: The atmosphere of my home and my cup of warm chai (my addiction)



(That means that you answer these ten questions on your own blog!)

(Come on, it’s only 1o simple questions, and very easy to answer…!)


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Tam says:

    I did it! I reblogged this post!

  2. […] best friend just posted this on her blog, answered the questions and asked others to do the same. So, in all of the wonderful glory of free […]

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