Day 19: Candy Canes and Christmas Decorations

Today has been a fantastic day. I slept in, then spent the rest of the day baking! I went for a 3 mile bike ride, and now I sat down to write this blog post, but I decided to check my grades from the semester first.


Yes, you heard me. I have been waiting for this moment for the past 31/2 years.

Anyways, now…onto the more important things. Today’s picture is candy cane. Well, I hate candy canes, but I happened to have a few on hand left over from goodie bags for my kiddos.

(*Disclaimer: I absolutely love the soft light of the lamps that we have in our apartment, but almost no natural light comes in, meaning that all of the pictures I take inside my house look AWFUL. I don’t think I’m a horrible photographer, but whenever I try to take a picture in the house, it turns out looking not so great.*)

DSCN7696 DSCN7704

I also wanted to share with all my faithful readers the way that we have decorated our apartment this year. I guess this year is sort of a trial run. I have put up some things, but as we have gone through the month I have realized that there are a few other things that I would really like to put up. I guess I will have to wait until next year…but at least now I know more of what I want and will be able to buy things on sale after this season is over! =)

I made this wreath from a ribbon and a cheap store-bought wreath. I am NOT very crafty, and don’t really like the way that this looks, but I tried several different types of bows with no luck, so this is how my wreath is going to look for this holiday season!


This is our “front” door, although it does not open to the outside. Haha! No one will see it! Except for all the people that read this blog…haha



I found these baskets at Michaels, and I absolutely love them. There was a set of three, but we couldn’t afford all three, so we just got two of them. I haven’t put anything in them….any suggestions? I just like the way they look on the shelf. By next year, hopefully I will have a soapstone nativity from Niger to put on the shelf next to my Christmas baskets!


Of course, we have a Christmas tree in our little house. To the right of the tree I decided to hang all our Christmas cards. The only problem is that one wall is made of drywall and the other wall is made of cement. So, I stuck tacks in the drywall and nails in the cement to hang a piece of twine across. I then use clothespins to clip the cards to the twine.


We didn’t get very many Christmas cards this year, so that is another thing that I would like to work on next year…letting people know that we WANT their Christmas cards! I also wanted to make a picture Christmas card to send out, but that just didn’t happen. THAT will happen next year…it’s already a goal of mine! For those of you who have done family picture Christmas cards, how did you do it?





2 thoughts on “Day 19: Candy Canes and Christmas Decorations

  1. I wrote a comment and the internet ate it! Grrrrrrr. I love your heart candy cane picture with the bokeh in the background. Nice! In fact, I like all your decorations. I was going to say to put your Christmas cards in the baskets, but you already came up with a creative thing to do with them. You could put candy in them, but it needs to be something individually wrapped so they don’t melt on the cloth. And congrats on the 4.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All your hard work paid off.

  2. Gwen Baker says:

    Suzanne, I think you home looks so cozy and cute. The baskets ARE adorable…could put in pine cones or Advent and Christmas books you collect over the years. Love the cards, I decorate with them too. Oh and BTW, congrats on your grades! It shows your hard work and the grace Father, Son, Spirit gave you to keep going. Blessed Christmas to you and Theo!

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