Christmas Festivities!

Day 22: Tradition

DSCN7774 DSCN7775 DSCN7841

Being a newlywed at Christmas time is SO FUN. Theo and I got to start as many “traditions” as we wanted! Plus, if we didn’t like it, we can just un-tradition it next year! And we can add more on next year (Like opening stockings on New Years Eve). Three traditions that we established this year were opening on present (a board game) on Christmas Eve (and playing it of course!), sleeping under the tree on Christmas Eve, and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. Of course, we also read the Bible on Christmas morning in order to stay focused on the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

Day 23: Scarf


My friend, Tam, gave me this scarf when she got back from France about a year ago. I absolutely love this scarf. It is soft, warm and big enough to wrap around me a couple times in different ways. I wear it a lot during the winter, especially since it often adds a little bit of “dressy” to my outfits….perfect for teaching! Or just for lounging in jeans and a sweatshirt! =)

Day 24: Favorite Part of Christmas Eve


Due to some family work schedules, we actually celebrated the Hines family Christmas on Christmas Eve. I love this picture, because I think it shows SOME of the chaos that went on in the room. You have kids in the middle and on the side. You have present and wrapping paper everywhere. You have some people enjoying opening each present slowly (Mom) and then you have some people ripping into things (Kyrin). Then, you have Aunt Janet and baby Corah off in the corner having a precious moment.There are still 6 of us that you can’t see in this picture! This is what Christmas is like in the Hines family! Crazy, loud and so much fun!

Day 25: Morning


I loved spending Christmas morning with this man. =)

Day 26: Grateful


Theo took me out for a little “date” ride on the snowmobile! And, yes, I did actually drive! =) I am so grateful for a thoughtful man. A man who thinks of ways to date me and pursue me and love me and also challenge me. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


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