Top Ten of 2012

Theo and I just made a list of our top ten events in 2012. Some of them have picture with them, some of them don’t. Feel free to reminisce along with us! Here they are…top ten countdown (can you guess what #1 might be???)

# 10. The Hines Family Reunion

In August, we got together with ALL of the Hines at a cabin by the lake. Although it rained almost the whole time, we had such a blast with everyone there! I have been learning the past couple months that when I married Theo, I also married into his whole family!



#9: Theo became a Tae kwon do instructor

Theo has been involved in Tae kwon do for years now, but this year he started teaching it. He teaches three classes twice a week, ages 4-adult. I am SO proud of him in this and love to go and watch him teach. He has also built some fantastic friendships with students, fellow instructors and parents of students. This is something that Theo will most likely turn into a ministry one day, and we are both excited for the opportunities that the last few months instructing have given him.



#8. Theo and I both had the privilege of being in my brother’s wedding

Exactly four weeks after we said our vows, we stood up front and watched my brother and his wife say their vows. It was a beautiful day and we both felt SO. BLESSED. to be a part of it.

529552_10100767323898641_1555517371_n (Theo is two guys right of the groom, and I am second to last on the ladies side.)


#7: I finished the semester- with a 4.0

Before beginning the semester, I was really nervous about trying to be a wife and a student at the same time. I actually found that it was not as hard as I was expecting, although both included a lot of hard work. I had classes the first 6 weeks of the semester, then was a teacher for the last 6 weeks. One of my assignments was to send a brochure to parents, introducing myself and communicating my goals in the classroom. This was the picture that I included on the brochure. Notice that I have to dress like a professional every. single. day?



#6: Missions Trip to Arizona

I started off my year by taking a trip to Arizona to work at a Navajo mission for a week. This was an eye-opening experience and one that I greatly enjoyed. It was crazy to me how I was in America, but the life of the missionaries was so similar to the one that I grew up living in Africa. It also opened my eyes to the whole culture of Native Americans, which I had never really known. I also go to go on this trip with some pretty awesome people, who drew me closer to God and His ways throughout the whole year as well as in Arizona



#5: Our first apartment and our first real jobs

This one is a little bit more broad, but was huge for us at the time and is still rather a big part of our lives. This summer we moved in and started our jobs in a space of 12 hours. It was CRAZY and it took a lot of adjustments to “grow up” so fast, but we survived!



#4: We got Moose

Haha. Self-explanatory. But he is obviously a pretty big deal in this family.

Photo 162


#3: Theo got certified as a state firefighter and a national EMT

I am SO proud of him.


#2: We went on an amazing honeymoon to the Dominican Republic

Theo planned the whole thing and didn’t tell me a single detail until we were on the way to the airport. He told me what to pack and what the weather would be like, so I wasn’t completely in the dark, but I had NO. CLUE. where we were going. This was probably the best two stretch of my life so far, and I don’t think that Theo could have done any better at planning it.


……………………………………………………………………drumroll for #1……………………………………………………………………….



By far this is the biggest and best event of the year of 2012. I love this man and I am SO GLAD that I get to spend the rest of my life with him. Our wedding was wonderful, but we hope that we are building a marriage that is far more wonderful than our wedding.

Theo & Suz 575


What about you? What are your top ten for 2012?



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