Day 27-30

Day 27: Night Time

On this day, December 27th, I went skiing. I was really nervous before going. I was going with four people who had been skiing since they were 8. Here I was, 21 years old, and never, ever set foot on a ski and then put that ski on a ski slope. Theo told me it was just like roller-blading, and that if I could rollerblade, I could also ski. That made no sense to me at all….a roller blade has wheels, skis are flat. A roller blader usually goes on a flat surface, a skier goes downhill. A roller blade is about the size of my foot, a ski is about 5x the size of my foot. Anyways, we geared up and hit the slopes…of course, I hit the bunny slope. Theo told me he would give me 16 seconds before I fell down. Well, I beat those odds! I went down that bunny slope and I LOVED it. I went down again and again and then Theo decided I was ready for the big slope! Haha! So I got on the lift (that was the scariest part of skiing for me!) and then I started my way down the ‘easy’ slope. Well, I fell…only once on my first time down, but a couple more times throughout the day. I eventually went on a black diamond! Well….I went up to the top of the black diamond, but then I went down the slope that was a medium. For those of you who have never skied, there are three levels- green, blue and black. There are also double black. I actually took my camera out once, but the camera was so cold that the batteries had died (they have since revived). So I have NO pictures from this fantastic day!

If you live in America and have never been skiing- you should go. It is a BLAST. And it really is I have no idea how, as that still makes no sense in my head. But if you can rollerblade, you can ski.

So here is my picture of nighttime:

DSCN8031 (It looks like a disaster…but it is productivity at its finest! I was planning the menu/grocery list for this month, and Theo was applying for jobs)

Day 28: Words


My Mom found this book on Amazon and ordered it for Theo and I. She had never opened it, never heard of it. Neither had we. Now, we need to get the word out! This book is AMAZING. Theo and I have felt the call to adopt in a very real way over this Christmas break. We have had a chance to talk about it, pray about it and research it and we feel that adoption is something that we are called to do sometime in the near future. This book talks about the state of the world’s orphans- not just overseas, but in America, too. It talks about how we as Christians are ADOPTED, and how our adoption as God’s children relates to our adoption of the fatherless. It also talks about ways that we can help the fatherless if we don’t feel called or cut our for adoption. It also focuses on how our churches should be looking at widows and the fatherless. WOW. It was not a hard read, but a very challenging one. I am sure that you will hear much more about adoption on this blog! And I highly recommend that you read this book.

Day 29: Sky View


Yuck. I really dislike winter.

Day 30: Winter Wonderland


This is our backyard…you can even a Cedarville building if you look closely in the background! Unfortunately, I can’t just walk across there to get to school, but I am really close to campus! The snow really is beautiful out there today!


Phew, sorry for the long blog post! December is over TODAY! How crazy!

I also forgot to mention one thing in my last post (Top Ten). Our half-marathon was a pretty big deal, and I’m pretty sure that it should be included in our top ten of 2012. Maybe for 2013 we will add a marathon to that list….!


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