Day 3: Organized




Theo got me this calender for Christmas. It is perfect for what I need! I have already started to plan out various parts of my semester, such as what to cook for meals, when certain things are due and various birthdays that I should probably remember =).

My best friend, Tam has been visiting this whole past week! It has been fantastic and so much fun! I will probably post more about her time here later, but today we made a large wall calender for me. When I say large, I mean large! I had a big, blank wall next to my desk that I wanted to fill.


First, we mapped out what we wanted the calendar to look like.


Then, we picked out a color scheme and picked our paper.


Then, we cut the paper and layed it out to look like a calender. This is from the top.


Then, I ran over to the University to laminate the calender. I laminated it into three different parts. Since we have drywall in our apartment, I was able to just use push pins to tack it to the wall. Here is the finished project. Trust me, it’s huge, but I LOVE it. I can write out my whole schedule in the top part, add in Theo’s schedule, and write my to-do’s. Since it is laminated I can just erase things and re-write them. On the first lower portion I wrote my weekly memory verse, then different people to pray for each day. This will be a helpful reminder as I have it right out in the open instead of tucked away in my Bible. On the bottom portion I have an exercise schedule- hopefully seeing this will also help keep me motivated! My best friend made the hanging elephant chain, and I stuck the sticky note to the wall with double sided tape.



Hopefully this will keep me organized this semester!


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