Wow! Today was a long day! That does not mean it was bad…just very, very long! Up at 5:30, out the door by 6:20, not back into my house until 6:45, then made dinner and I am just now sitting down to process it all and start on homework. Phew.

After long days like today, my favorite thing is coming home. I love having a home and a place to return to after a long day. I love having a safe haven. The best part about coming home is always seeing Theo. I actually haven’t seen him yet- since I walked out the door at 6:20 (it is currently 7:33)! My second favorite thing about coming home is seeing Moose go crazy! He runs up to me and jumps on me and purrs and purrs and purrs. It makes me feel like I am so loved, haha!

Besides those two people, these are some of my favorite things to come home to:


Fuzzy socks & fuzzy slippers, sweat pants, hot chai, my journal and a good missionary biography.


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