To Do

It’s pretty ironic that I didn’t post on here on Thursday. The photo for the day was To-Do and I was so swamped with my to-do list that I wasn’t able to post about it!

Student teaching is crazy. I actually am loving it so far, but I’m not into the nitty gritty teaching part. I know that my life is going to get very insane in the next couple of weeks. I also know that the days will go by so fast and soon I will be walking across that stage and receiving my diploma. It’s crazy. I have 111 days until student teaching is over (including weekends).


This was my to-do list for the first week of student teaching.

And for those of you who were/are praying about the whole situation with student teaching, God has been working! The original situation that caused the problem has been worked out and I don’t have to sit in a dark parking lot for an hour every morning! However, continue to pray about the cause-effect part of the situation. While trying to work out the actual situation, a lot of toes were stepped on and a lot of feelings were hurt. You can pray for me that I will be quick to forgive and not harbor resentful feelings or spread bad, malicious gossip/rumors about a person.

But on the bright side: I survived my first week of student teaching and I LOVE my class! =)


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