TV Show

Growing up, I didn’t have a TV. When we got a TV, I left for boarding school. At boarding school we watched one movie a week, max. At home on break I probably watched way more than that, but there was no access to internet or cable, so I never watched TV shows. The only TV shows that we watched were the ones that someone owned a whole season. These shows were Monk, Pysch and Lost. I honestly don’t know of any other shows that were floating around the Niger mission field!

Monk is one of my favorite TV shows, so that is what we ended up watching last night. Theo had tae-kwon-do until late, but I got to watch with these three!


Yes, of course I included Moose!


One thought on “TV Show

  1. You’ll notice I didn’t do a TV show post, either! Partly because I was sick yesterday, but partly because…..what’s a tv show?

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