In My Bag

Lately, I feel like I have been carrying my whole life around in a bag. I leave the house early for school, carrying with me a purse and a school bag. I also take a lunch box with me and I often have a gym bag with me. I am learning that if I don’t go to the gym right after I get home from school, it won’t happen at all.

I told Theo that my picture for the day was “In My Bag.” He laughed and asked, “Which bag?”. Haha. So I just dumped all the contents of all my bags on the floor and took a picture.


Oh…I don’t usually carry Moose around. So here is all the things I carry around without Moose:


Workout clothes: shoes, shorts, t-shirt, sweats, ipod, school ID and waterbottle. A small notebook, my house keys, my glasses, a wallet, a cosmetics purse, chapstick, gum, a bunch of pens and pencils, a small Bible, a necklace, flashcards that I used for a lesson, an interest inventory, my journal, my education handbook, my class notes, my agenda and two textbooks (phonics & math).

Phew! I guess that is why I feel tired at the end of the day!


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