My Mom, over at Hannatu’s Happenings hit the nail right on the head for this one.

A child’s play is so beautiful. A child’s play is so innocent. So real. So compelling. I love watching children play. I love watching children use play to learn, and learning to play. I especially love when children play that they aren’t playing (house, teacher, church).

I feel a little caught in the middle. I feel like I am still supposed to be an adult, serious about life in some areas (school, finances, marriage), but still a kid in society. Sometimes I feel guilty when I take the time to play a game instead of cleaning my house. Sometimes I feel guilty watching a show instead of taking the time to have that conversations that needs to be had with my husband. Sometimes I feel guilty for doing that homework assignment instead of going grocery shopping. I don’t know if it’s because I got married that I feel this way, but I feel a weight of responsibility. I feel that innocence of play slipping away from me.

But it’s not all bad. I love pushing that cart through the grocery store, filling it with the ingredients for the dinners I plan to fill my husband’s hungry stomach with. I love to have those conversations with Theo, where I walk away feeling more in love with him than ever. I love being so close to receiving my diploma.

I guess life is just like that. I am growing up! And now, instead of always enjoying play itself, I get to enjoy watching play unfold in the lives of young minds and young hearts. And, I, of course, still get to have fun…!



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