Our Weekend (((IN PICTURES!)))))

Hello folks!

Theo and I had a great weekend- a few ups and downs, but overall it was wonderful. I took a bunch of pictures this weekend and thought I would share!


We wanted to go out and celebrate Theo getting two jobs this past week! Unfortunately, we were so excited that we planned to go what felt like the most expensive place in the world. We decided we couldn’t afford the nice restaurants there, so we went to Panera instead. Now, Panera bread bowls are worth it…except that they were out of bread bowls. So they gave us soup and stale bread. We really weren’t impressed, but after bad attitudes on both our parts we decided to still have fun!


Next stop: Yogurt Mountain! Mmmmmmmm

My picture for the day was reflection, so we snapped this picture in the ceiling of Claire’s. Yeah, it was also the ‘weird’ section…who wears boots like that???


Today we went to church and then spent the afternoon relaxing, working out and doing homework. Right now Theo is waiting for me to come and play Ticket to Ride…so off I go! Moose was full of hilarity today. Here are a couple pictures: 


And one last parting shot:




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