Sharing the Blues


This actually isn’t a confession. While I struggle with many things, this is not currently one of them. But I do have a confession and a prayer request of a different nature. Although this was a short week in school, it was pretty rough. I’m exhausted and feel like I have hit my wall. I have 2 minutes until my kiddos walk in the door, and then I’ll be teaching all day. Trust me, it’s absolutely exhausting. I do LOVE it, but it’s exhausting.

Right after school I am heading to a girls only conference dealing with the things of this world that junior high girls might struggle with such as purity, modesty, eating disorders, etc, etc. One of my friends asked me if I would be a leader at this ‘conference’ and I agreed. I will have a small group of 7th grade girls from 5:00 tonight to 11:00 tomorrow morning. Staying up all night was do-able in high school, but right I’m questioning my sanity about staying up all night while in the midst of my hardest semester!

Please pray for this whole shin-dig. The leaders have worked so hard to plan it, and I know that both leaders and girls attending are stoked for it. Pray that the weather does not interfere with the conference, that we are able to continue with it even if the snow is falling and the inches of snow are gathering. Pray for me as I lead a session on eating disorders…that I have the words to say to encourage and help these girls, no matter what their struggles may be. Pray for all the leaders, that we will be good examples of Christ-like modesty and purity in the world and that Christ will give us the words to say to girls who might be hurting, searching or seeking encouragement.

I’ll let you know tomorrow or maybe Sunday when I recover how it all went!

(((((And if you are praying for me…go ahead and pray for a snow day sometime soon. That would be fantastic for this exhausted teacher!)))))


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