Day 22 & 23

Day 22: Where I Sleep


This is my lovely bed with my favorite bedspread. It is a king-sized bed, and let me tell you…we are SPOILED!

Day 23: Object


Theo wanted me to take a picture of a pepperoni. And I tried, but it turned out so blurry (blame it on the lighting, ok?), so instead I took a picture of what the pepperoni was in…a little tortilla pizza! These things are our fall back meals…so, so simple, so filling and taste delicious.

Spray pan with cooking spray, then place tortilla on pan.

Spread half of tortilla with spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, or a homemade tomato sauce & spices mixture.

Place pepperoni on top of pizza sauce (the amount totally depends on how much you want it to taste like pepperoni!)

Sprinkle with cheese of your choosing

Fold over, then flip on the other side when the bottom turns slightly brown.

Enjoy! I actually like to dip mine in Ranch dressing. Call me crazy, but it adds some zing to it!


P.S. I survived the junior high girls conference. I got home around noon and slept for two hours and now I feel like Im carrying a load of bricks in my head. I am SO. SLOW. today. Sluggish. I am not as young as I used to be. 3:00 am never really phased me in high school (as long as it was the weekend, of course!) but right now it seems that 3:00 am destroyed me. haha!

Anyways…the night was long, but wonderful. 60 girls 13-14 year old girls heard how beautiful they are, how God made them beautiful and that they are accepted by Him and worth more than they can imagine. They were challenged that gossip, sexual impurity and their identities in themselves are not pleasing in God’s sight. They met with different leaders and peers who struggle with things like abuse, eating disorders, sexual sin and self-harm. They got almost no sleep and ran around and screamed like girls. They submitted questions for a male panel, and got to hear some godly men (Theo included) answer their questions. The leaders put on a fashion show of what not to wear…that was intense! They also participated in Zumba and met in small groups throughout the night. PHEW! It was crazy, but I think that a lot of girls walked out of their with a lot more than just memories of a fun lock-in/sleepover. Continue to pray that whatever they heard will reach their hearts and that they will begin to show the character of Christ as well as their own beauty on the outside.


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