Kid Quotes

I have some pretty good kid quotes as I sit here grading some papers.

This past week, we learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and spent some time learning about Obama as well. We read a poem about Martin Luther King and then they answered some comprehension questions. 

3. Explain why it is important that all people are treated equally?

– I think people should be treated equally because we have the same dreemes, hope and food.

– So that everyday people should have fun and not be mean to each other

– So that everybody will be more cheerfuul


4. If you could change the world, what improvements would you make?

– so the day would be logro (longer)

– I think I shod stop the wars and the cotres (countries) shold git along.

– I will be nice to every boody. And I will be recponsuble and mack good choecic (choices)

– I would change the world be a presedent

– I would say not to give out pills that make people go crazy

– I would change it so that people could hold hands with others all times.

– There should be slower speed limits because everybody keeps bumping into each other


Me: What does justice mean?

Student: Um, it was this man who came and died and loved God and then went to live somewhere else

Student 2: Are you talkin’ about JESUS?

Student 3: Justice is a store!


4 thoughts on “Kid Quotes

  1. Beth says:

    bahaha..justice is a store! Can’t argue with that. I love it when the students bring Jesus into the conversation! 🙂

  2. Jesus was certainly all about justice. I love that we should all be treated equally because we have the same food.

  3. Beka Rideout says:

    Beth and Nancy hit on my two favorite parts too!

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