If you think of it in the next few days, could you please pray for my school? Over the weekend, a student (5th grade) passed away. Of course, today at school was a little rough, but the questions from the second graders are just beginning, and the process of grieving for teachers, parents, peers and other students has just begun. Please pray that many people will turn to God in this time, and that those who are already in Christ will shine their lights for those who feel the hopelessness of this situation. I cannot give details about the death or the student in order to keep the family protected, but please pray.

Please pray that I am able to keep my focus on the right things and be the teacher that the students (mine and other students in the school) need right now. And most of all, pray for the family of the young girl. I cannot even imagine.



2 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Beth says:

    Definitely praying for you and for your school, Suzanne!

  2. I’ll be praying. I know you’re limited to what you can say at a public school, but you can say things like “if you pray in your family, pray for this girl’s mom and dad” or “My Best Friend says…….”. You can actually have a silent prayer time in your class by calling it a “moment of silence” and tell them they can say a prayer in their heart for this girl or just think about her. You’re not forcing anybody to pray, but if they do pray it gives them a chance. I’ll pray for wisdom, too, for you. Just don’t be like the teacher in a class I observed in when there was a little girl whose dad had died and the teacher told her to quit crying.

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