Teaching Tuesday!

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school! That means that my kiddos are 100 days smarter! Really, I don’t understand what all the hype is about being 100 days smarter…I mean, we could make a big hype about 99 days or 125 days, but it is 100th day that is chosen to be the BIG DEAL in the elementary schools. And I have to admit, I’ve jumped right on the bandwagon!

Our schedule the past few days has really been messed up, so tomorrow will be a catch-up day. Since I have a lot of students who need to catch up on things, but also a lot of students who are very on top of it, I printed off some 100th day challenges. These challenges include writing a sentence (or two) using 100 words, writing about what you would do if you were given 100 of anything, making four equations that each equal 100 and spelling ten different words using the letters HUNDRED. This will just be a “free-time” activity or an activity to move onto when finished with another assignment. I have also planned 100th day centers for math class. My students will be counting to $1.00 using as many different combinations of money as they can, they will counting buttons, counters and sticky notes in as many ways as they can, they will fill in a 100s chart and they will be playing a dice game, adding the numbers rolled until the first person gets to 100. Sounds like fun, huh?

I’m very excited for tomorrow, but I am also slightly discouraged about today. I mentioned in a previous post that a student at our school passed away. We also learned that she committed suicide and that there are lots of ((((false)))) accusations towards the school about bullying. I can’t write too much on here about the details that I do know, but this affects me as a student teacher in huge ways. All parents are on edge about bullying and will respond when their child reports anything that happened at school. Please pray for the school, the teachers in particular. Also, please continue to pray for the family and the friends of this student. Pray that the death won’t become an issue of bullying, but that the name of the child will be honored and respected.

I also just found out that my parents have increased security where they are living. I know that God is holding them in His hands, but it is always scary to hear about different things that are hitting closer and closer to home. And for anyone reading this, my parents are SAFE, they just had security measures increased where they are living.

Right after I talked to my parents on the phone (Happy Birthday, Daddy!), I found out that one of my professors husband passed away this weekend. Although he has been sick for a while, death was unexpected.

And of course, with all these things on my mind…school seems so much more overwhelming. I honestly wonder sometimes how I am going to get through this semester. 13 hour days seem long enough without homework, but my “work” day does not end when I get home.

Please pray for me, as I know that Satan is tempting me to despair. I need to find my strength in Christ and continue on. But I cannot do that without the prayers of many.

And watch for Teaching Tuesday updates on Tuesdays! I will try to update with how student teaching is going, what I am teaching in student teaching and so on!


One thought on “Teaching Tuesday!

  1. Your activities sound like a lot of fun! If you ever need new ideas, Beth could help you out. I know she has a long list of 100th day activities!

    So sorry to hear about the student. I can’t even imagine the pain and turmoil that child must have gone through to commit suicide at that age.

    And, yes, we’re fine and life is pretty much as normal.

    I’m reading the book 1,000 Gifts. Without repeating the entire book back to you, I’ve been challenged to write down three things every day for which to give thanks. It really helps you focus on God and His gifts to you.

    Love Mommy

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