In honor of the 100th day of school, I gave my students a writing prompt. The students actually had a choice of which prompt to pick.

1. Write about what you want to do before you turn 100 (essentially, a bucket list in written form)

2. Write about what Mrs. Hines will be like when she is 100.

As soon as I explained that one, the giggles struck. The students were SO excited to write and they just giggled and wrote and giggled and wrote. Usually, we don’t collect their writing journals, as it is simply something for them to do to get used to writing, capitalization and punctuation. But this time I just had to see what they wrote. Being 8 year olds, most of them wrote about themselves and what they want to do before they turn 100. But several of them (the ones with the giggles) wrote about what Mrs. Hines would be like when she is 100 years old. Oh, you want to read them?


Mrs. Hines when she is old. Mrs Hines will be a teacher and she will have 7 kids, she will be a granny and will have her cat Moose. And she will go to the mall. She will go to get food. She will still be marryd with Mr. Hines. Moose will eat a lot and become fat and drink milk all the time at home.  (This one is SO accurate! And I love the references to Moose!)

I think that Mrs. Hines is going to be grumpey and old and reckelis. and she will have to use a cane to walk and you will hate getting up and moveing. And I think you will hate going to the stairs. You will not go any where at all and you’ll boss your husband around a lot. and you will be mean. (She doesn’t really think I am mean. She just had a BAD case of the giggles and usually the giggles in an 8 year old leads to borderline inappropriate. I still thought it was hilarious, though!)

When Mrs. Summers and Mrs. Hines are one hundred years old I think they will have wrinkles and carry a cane and they will do old lady races!!! But they will go really slow. They will be funny and nice. When there are one hundred even there hair will be black and gray hair! Gueuss what when there one hundred they will eat this thing called cabage and I bet they will like spenage and bresele sprouts I thank old lady’s like that stuff don’t they. Well that’s the end of this story. (That pretty much says it all! Mrs. Summers is my cooperating teacher, by the way)


Isn’t that great? Love these kids!



2 thoughts on “Hilarious

  1. Beth says:

    100 and reckless! Too funny.

  2. Tam says:

    hahaha! Thanks for sharing, mean old Mrs. Hines.

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