For some reason I cannot convince my brain to work on this thing called the edTPA. The edTPA is the worst news any education major has ever heard. First, we have to plan five consecutive lessons that meet one standard. Ok, I can do that. Then, we have to film ourselves teaching those lessons. Then, we have edit those five lessons into a ten minute clip highlighting our great strengths in the classroom. Oh, but it’s still not over. Next, we have to collect and compile “artifacts” from students that show that they met the standard I originally picked. Then, we have to write pages and pages about how we picked the standard, how we planned the lessons, how we taught the lessons, how we assessed the lessons, how the students participated during the lessons, how the students learned before, during and after the lessons. And all this on top of teaching all day long, planning all evening long and attending classes almost every evening of the week. I’m really not sure how to get through this semester, so please keep me in your prayers. And if you think of it, pray for me the week of February 25. That is when I plan on teaching these lessons, so crunch time really happens before then. 

For now, though…let’s take a look at February pictures so far! I am working really hard to take a picture everyday, but I have to admit that it has not always happened. Here are the pictures that I HAVE taken in the past week or so….

February 2- Words


Theo and I sponsor a child through Compassion International. We have sponsored this child for about three years now, and it has been so much fun to see him grow up! We get about 6 letters a year from him, and I always treasure reading them. This is the first one that he has written to us in English…and I have to admit that I could not understand half of what he said. Still, it was adorable and we are always humbled by his thankful attitude and enthusiasm for Christ and serving Him, even at such a young age (he is 9 now). 

Feb 3- Hands

I do a lot with my hands. I don’t often think about all that I do with my hands everyday, but they sure do come in handy!


One of my favorite things to use my hands for is journaling…

February 4- A Stranger

Honestly, I tried to think of every excuse I could to not take this picture. I find it very hard to take my camera out in any public place unless there is an obvious reason to be using it. This explains why you have not seen any pictures of me at school (also, I’m afraid I’ll get sued by a parent if I take pictures at school!) or any pictures that require asking if it’s ok to take a picture. I really need to work on that. Anyways, I snapped this picture while driving to the gym. I held my camera up, took it, and threw my camera back down. Hahahahaha. There is no way this stranger saw me take his picture! haha!


February 5- 10 A.M.

As I mentioned before, I have avoided taking pictures at school. Since I am at school at 10 am every day, I didn’t take a picture of 10 am. I did take a picture on this day, though.


My sister-in-law was in the neighborhood and brought all the kiddos over to hang out for the evening. I was buried in homework (as usual), but these kids are so behaved that they just did ‘homework’ too. I was on the couch with the two older ones, but the littlest one is chilling on the other couch. Moose is not in this picture, but he was SO curious/confused about the baby. Every time she would coo he would stare and stare and stare, and when she started crying he was REALLY curious. He also kept trying to climb around the furniture to get closer to her, but didn’t want to get TOO close. It was hilarious.

February 6: Dinner

I didn’t take a picture of dinner. But I did take a picture of breakfast!


Toast, cereal, tea, vitamins, and water! This is my ‘in a rush’ breakfast, believe it or not!

February 8: Sun

It was a beautiful day on Friday. I actually had the car, and drove over to the gym for a run. On the way back, I snapped this picture.


Can’t wait for summer.

February 9: Front Door


I actually have three front doors! One goes into the garage, the next into our stairwell and the last one actually leads into our home! You should try giving directions to come inside…just open the door, go straight through the next door, down the stairs and straight through the last door! haha!

February 10: Self-portrait


Typical. Classic. Just me.

February 11: Makes me Happy

So many things make me happy. ImageThis creature is most certainly one of them. Especially when he purrs and purrs and purrs when I get home from school!

I guess that is all for now!




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