Valentine’s Day

Theo told me he has a wonderful surprise planned for Valentine’s Day. I have no clue what it is, and I know that it is not happening tonight since he is at work until 10:30. So here I sit, grading paper and trying to recover from my day. It was a crazy day. The kids were hyper BEFORE they got all the sugar. And after….well, their hyper-ness was off.the.scales. Insane.

For our Valentines party, I had the students move around in centers. I allowed them freedom to roam from center to center whenever they wanted, the only rule what that there could not be more than four students at a center at one time. I got all the resources I used from this fantastic site. And everything was actually free!

My teacher and I planned one additional center that involved constant guidance from the teacher. I actually took pictures of this center, so I am excited to share. Lately, we have noticed that the students have extreme difficulty with actually reading the directions/questions. They just rush through the work and skip some very important details in the process. (For example, I will give them a math problem. Mrs. Hines had 3 erasers, 9 pencils and 2 sharpeners. What month is it? Almost every student will respond ’14’ ARRGGGGGG). So, we designed this center to have some fun, get some sugar and practice following directions!


Step 1: Roll a die. Roll it again. Add those two numbers together. Continue rolling the die until you get to 20. Then, you may select your cookie.


Step 2: Roll the die. If it is an even number, put red (or pink) icing on it. If it is an odd number, put white icing on it.


Step 3: Roll the die. Each number rolled had a specific type of sprinkles, and the students would put that kind on their cookies!

Step 4: Draw a picture of your cookie on the back (This would be great as an assessment piece to see if they followed the directions correctly!)


The kids LOVED it! and it was super fun for me to watch and help with, too! =) I highly recommend doing something like this during a party/fun day!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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